HydroPuck is a physical device known as “puck” that works with an android app to help you monitor your water intake based on a calculation made specifically for you. In order for you to monitor your water intake, you must place the water bottle that you drink water from on the puck so that it can measure how much water you’re drinking. If you are away from your puck, you can manually update your water intake through the app.

Product Trailer

How It Works

  • Purchase the Puck device

  • Install the HydroPuck app on your Android device

  • Create an account and pair your profile with the Puck

  • Track your water intake, be reminded to drink water, and never lose your Puck device

Meet the Team

Josh Moffat

Team Leader
App Developer

Noemi Roestel

Product Designer
Product Developer

Onyinye Agetu

UX/UI Researcher
Web Developer

Yara Saadaldin

UX/UI Designer & Researcher
Web Developer