IMD Capstone Projects

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Projects of 2007

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3D Game


Inspirit is a whimsical, 2.5D, two player couch-coop puzzle platformer. Mai and Kula have been chosen as guardians of the mystical water forest and must work together to reach the heart of the Tree of Life, and rejuvenate their world.

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Animated Short

Sound of Thunder

Project Marko is a navigation tool for the blind that provides a new method of navigation and obstacle avoidance. We use Google’s Tango tablet to develop a virtual, three-dimensional map of the environment to track the user’s position relative to walls and obstacles and communicate that to the user through vibrations.

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Angels & Demons: The Game

Odyssey is a virtual reality experience in which the player repairs and defends a ship exploring an alien planet. Do you have what it takes to ensure the mission is successful?