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Projects of 2022

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Fake News Detection in Social Media

In this research project, the aim is to seek a potential solution to help dissolve the growing waves of fake and unverifiable news that have been on the rise in social media. As the younger generations have become adapted to social media, it is important to disallow the spread of misinformation while at the same time spreading the news that is verifiable, unbiased and honest. The demo presented would be able to look at articles from several news articles through various social medias (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and will be able to sift and determine whether the news source is verifiable and not fake, therefore allowing comparison to take place between credible news sources such as CNN versus Breitbart for example. The goal is to eventually give the user access to insert his or her own news source and be able to determine, with the results if the news source is credible or not.

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Data and Information Accessibility in Digital Libraries

This research project examines current issues pertaining to data and information accessibility in digital libraries in order to make recommendations for libraries to foster greater overall accessibility and barrier-free user experience. Our methodology consists of a thorough literature review, gap and comparative analyses, a social media think-aloud study, quantitative analysis of secondary data, and both quantitative and qualitative analyses of primary data collected through two original surveys. Based on our findings, we have developed an innovative framework for data and information accessibility. This framework is composed of three pillars which together formulate a holistic vision for universal accessibility in digital libraries: Web Accessibility, Internet and Digital Technology, and Adaptability in Crisis Situations. This framework includes a thorough breakdown of specific elements crucial to each pillar, and practical guidelines for implementation.

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Stock Market Price Analysis and Prediction from Social Media

Making the decision to start investing in the stock market as can be a daunting task. We conducted a survey to find out the investing habits of young adults and found that one of the main reasons that people don’t invest is because of a lack of knowledge of the stock market. With this concern in mind, we sought to create a tool for those who want to start investing and aid individuals who don’t have much to invest that doing so can still be worthwhile. The stock market is a powerful tool that when leveraged, presents the opportunity for those to make returns, whether they be small or large. That’s why we created BofaCast: a free-to-use tool that makes investing easy. BofaCast, which stands for Breath of Fresh Air Forecasting, is a stock market forecasting tool that shows the top 10 most trending stocks of the day and predicts whether the stock will rise or fall in value at the end of the next day, when the stock market closes. We determine the most popular stocks of the day by using code that reads different websites and weigh each stock accordingly to see which are most commonly mentioned. BofaCast is capable predicting stocks to a high degree of accuracy using an AI architecture called Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), which makes informed predictions by training itself on historical data of a given stock to recognize patterns over time. BofaCast also uses sentiment analysis, a tool used to identify, analyze, and study social media and news headlines to determine whether stocks are being discussed in a negative or positive manner to influence our prediction, which is proven to boost prediction accuracy. All of this is presented in a user-friendly manner to help those who want to start investing today!

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Unified Customer Contact Center

Customer service is critical to a company's success since loyal consumers can assist you to acquire new customers for free by persuading prospects to interact with your brand. Furthermore, their favourable testimonies will outperform any of your current marketing efforts. By providing top-notch client service your customers will be pleased, which will result in a positive business outcome. A unified contact center is an all-in-one unified communication platform that assists businesses in increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving customer relations. Ours is a versatile unified contact center solution that includes features like voice calls, SMS, email, Facebook, and even WhatsApp integrations. We improved and combined both processes with automation and direct communication with a contact center agent to make it simple for users to communicate with the website's contact agents. We provide multichannel contact management that can instantly build unique phone call experiences combined with email and messaging with one API to make, receive, control, and monitor calls/messages around the globe.

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Social Media Monitoring System

This project is a study with the goal to develop an Artificial Intelligence system that will be able to browse social media websites with the goal to monitor them and collect information. This will be accomplished by our data pipeline using Python libraries such as Tweepy, the Twitter API and Google News. This data will then feed into our front-end website we will create using Bootstrap Templates. Our goal is to be able to properly monitor platforms and obtain data in an easy and efficient way. This project will include a study on several social media platforms, a literature review, explanation of our data pipeline with diagrams, explanation of our UI development, and different types of analysis on the data pulled.